Information and Inspiration

Here are some links and resources that I hope that you will find useful.

Seeds –

Here are two places to get your seeds from, both have a great ethos.

Real seed –
The seed co-operative –

Books –

Alys Fowler – The edible garden
Mary Reynolds – The garden awakening
Joy Larkcom – Grown your own Vegetables
Martin Crawford – How to grow perennial vegetables
Charles Dowding – Organic gardening the natural no-dig way

Inspiration –

Looking for some inspiration for what to plant in your garden. I find taking a walk and seeing what is growing is a fantastic way to do that, see what catches your eye! There are plenty of places around to get ideas flowing here are just a few that I like. The Leechwell and Lamb garden in Totnes are lovely and there are also the gardens out on the Dartington etate. So what are you waiting for, get out there!

Videos –

Here are a couple of short videos from the permaculture website taken from their film series project called Living With The Land. There are nine videos in total of a variety of very interesting and inspiring permaculture projects.

This is a link to a video about Forest Gardening with Martin Crawford.

This link is to a video about No-dig gardening with Charles Dowding.

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