How I work


This is your garden and it is important to me that your garden is tailored to your needs and specifications. So before a fork even touches the earth we will have a walk through your garden and discuss what you want from your garden.

I enjoy working with people in their garden, sharing my knowledge to help see your garden come to life.  I encourage people to grow fruit and vegetables in a manageable way and to have areas of the garden that are wildlife friendly.

I like to bring in structure and softness into the garden. This can be achieved in two ways. Using planting and natural materials such as wood. When considering planting I include edible, native and wildlife friendly plants. The timber I work with is untreated and sourced locally I use Larch, Oak and Chestnut.



In my experience of being a gardener an issue I hear a lot is that people are finding their gardens are becoming a burden. What I like to do is to show you simple changes that can be made to make things easier for you so that your  garden can be a joy to have.       

As part of my commitment to the environment I predominantly use hand tools, any power tools that I do use are battery powered 

To arrange a free 20 minute call to discuss your garden or to organise a consultation please do get in touch.