Raised beds

Raised beds are great because they are versatile, attractive and tailored to your needs.

If the soil in your garden is lacking fertility, or you want to have less lawn, then a raised bed is a great option. They also work well if your garden is on a slope and the angle makes it difficult or uncomfortable for you to establish plants, or if the plant you are wanting to grow has specific requirements, like Blueberries.

I can advise you on the best location for raised beds in your garden and, if you are new to growing, offer suggestions on what to grow in them. I use locally sourced Larch and Chestnut or Oak when making raised beds. They are naturally rot resistant so there is no need to use treated timber.  Depending on your needs, and the aesthetics of your garden, raised beds can be built in a number of different ways. They can have curved edges to suit the landscape and can even be raised higher so you can access them from standing. 

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