Trees and Hedges

These are the more structural elements in the garden and need care and attention to make sure that they provide the right framing, they offer a lot aesthetically and can also provide food and refuge.

I enjoy giving trees crown lifts, shaping and pruning them, opening up areas and allowing more light in. I am amazed at what a difference can be achieved, enhancing the mood and feel of certain areas and even the whole garden.

Fruit tree pruning can be done in either the summer or winter depending on what fruit it is. Apple and pear trees can be pruned in summer and winter where as soft fruit needs to be pruned in the summer.

Hedgelaying is the art of rejuvinating a hedge as over time they can become overgrown and or gappy. The hedge is laid to the ground which encourages new growth and thickens out the hedge. This helps to provide a better environment for a whole host of wildlife, most noticeably birds who are seeking the cover and protection hedges provide.

Hedgelaying and tree pruning work I do with handtools, using an axe, pruning saw and billhook. The brash from the work I cut into cordwood for firewood and the thinner parts I create deadhedges, which are absolutely fantastic for wildflife. I can create them so that they are tucked away or I also think that they make great features.

For hedge timming I use a battery powered hedge trimmer.

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