Scythe Courses

Come and learn this enjoyable and versatile tool.

Scything is really enjoyable and can be used to manage grass and will also cut through brambles, rushes, weeds and small scrub. It also very useful for cutting round trees and used in tight spaces and can be done by all ages. I have been scything for more than six years. I enjoy teaching people to be able to manage their own areas and for them to have all the benefits of doing so.

On a course you will learn how to

set up the scythe to fit you
to scythe efficiently and effectively
maintain and keep your blade sharp
managing and establishing wildflower areas

For me scything is about more than just cutting grass it is about developing a relationship with the land. I am much more aware without the need for protective equipment and noisy engines that you need with other tools. I enjoy the sound of birdsong and the buzz of insects as I go about my work, I hope that you will leave feeling the same.

Courses are run in Devon amongst the beautiful rolling hills near the village of Landscove in the South Hams. There are a max of 6 people on each course, to offer a maximum learning experience.

Dates for courses
June Saturday 12th book through Dartington Craft Revolution
Saturday July 17th £65 (9.30-4.30)
Saturday August 14th £65 (9.30-4.30)

You will need a scythe and peening equipment to participate in the course. If you dont have this then I can provide all those for you.

I can also travel to you for one on one or group tutorial. Get in touch so that we can discuss your needs.

To book on a course or if you need anymore information get in touch