1-1 and 1-2 Booking Scything Course


You will need to contact Ross before booking a 1-1 or a 1-2.

I also offer one to one and one to two tuition. This works well as you can choose the date that works for you and the course can be run at your location. This means that the course can be tailored to your site and your needs. It also gives the opportunity to go more in depth on all the elements that make up scything. A 1-1 or 1-2 course runs for half a day, which allows plenty of time to cover everything at a relaxed pace.

– A one to one costs £180
– A one to two costs £300

Depending on your location I may charge for my travel which I charge at £1 per mile.

The scythe is an effective and versatile tool to use in the garden. Whilst known for cutting grass, it will also cut through brambles, rushes, weeds and small scrub. Scything is enjoyable and low impact which means that it is open to all age ranges. Courses are run in South Devon, in the South Hams. There are a max of 6 people on each course, to offer a maximum learning experience.

There are four elements to scything; honing, peening, technique and relationship. They are equally important so that scything is as easeful and efficient as it can be. These four elements will be covered on the course:

• Honing is the sharpening of the blade
• Peening is the shaping of the blade
• Technique is how you scythe
• Relationship is what develops between you and the meadow.

You will also learn :
• To set up the scythe to fit your body
• To scythe efficiently and effectively
• Maintaining and keeping your blade sharp
• Managing and establishing wildflower areas