Scything Kit


As Part of a kit you get:
Everything you need to get you mowing!

– 60cm Raiserschnitt blade
– Adjustable wooden snath
– Clamp, allan key, spanner and wedge
– 2 Whetstones coarse and fine grit
– Metal stone sheath for sharpening in the field
– Fux Delux peening jig

If you pay for your scythe kit before the course then you will be able to leave with the scythe you have been using for the day, set up for you and ready to go. However, I appreciate that some people would like to try before they buy. So you can use a scythe for the day and then purchase a kit at the end of the course, this does mean you will have to set up your scythe at home.

On courses I will also have for sale:
– Peening pony
– Learn to scythe book by Steve Tomlin
– Garryflex